Taylor Swift - Love Story (Elvira Remix) (Taylor’s Version) (Official Audio)

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Taylor's Version) (Elvira Remix). © 2021 Taylor Swift



  1. Finn Levi

    Finn Levi

    天 前

    I am almost a little happy that this whole catastrophe happened because it makes us experience all these re-records.

  2. Sasa


    2 天 前


  3. AG lemon

    AG lemon

    4 天 前

    Love ts since I was 3 now I'm ten and I love her so much

  4. RUBY 66

    RUBY 66

    5 天 前

    Being an international swiftie and seeing all those pictures just breaks my heart😭

  5. RUBY 66

    RUBY 66

    5 天 前

    I wish I was in one of those pictures.😭

  6. Ali Comando

    Ali Comando

    7 天 前

    Tired voice Unmotivated voice Growing up

  7. kiki, im like TT

    kiki, im like TT

    10 天 前

    little did i know..

  8. speak now

    speak now

    11 天 前

    I love this remix 😍

  9. speak now

    speak now

    13 天 前


  10. John Steve

    John Steve

    17 天 前

    I love the old version

  11. Jamy Hossain

    Jamy Hossain

    18 天 前

    Romeo take meee♥️

  12. Harding Brianna

    Harding Brianna

    18 天 前

    The scattered adjustment repressingly flower because engineering chronically appear via a many violin. scrawny, selective cub

  13. Aditi Singh Deo

    Aditi Singh Deo

    20 天 前

    I open CNglobal just to listen to Taylor Swift 🥺

  14. ivan pozo

    ivan pozo

    21 天 前


  15. 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓Büşra16


    22 天 前


  16. Nusrat Khan

    Nusrat Khan

    23 天 前

    My favorite song forever 🤗🤗

  17. Shwaj Alam

    Shwaj Alam

    24 天 前


  18. Mauricio Jaime

    Mauricio Jaime

    26 天 前




    27 天 前

    Juliet trust me, you'll be better off alone Stop waiting for somebody else's love Who needs a prince when you're already a queen Write your own story...

    • quote genius

      quote genius

      23 天 前

      101% true!!!!

  20. Meet Malviya

    Meet Malviya

    28 天 前

    I love you Taylor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. kim taehyung

    kim taehyung

    个月 前

    *twerking while proposing myself*

  22. kim taehyung

    kim taehyung

    个月 前

    *Twerking while being overdramatic*

  23. J Lo

    J Lo

    个月 前

    I had an idea for this song being used during a tribute performance at an award show. Dancers heavily involved as the stage and outfits change looks across all 9 albums

  24. Leah Moore

    Leah Moore

    个月 前

    Elvira is a Swedish producer. She’s remixed a few of Taylor’s songs. Amazing.

  25. Linda Esteinou

    Linda Esteinou

    个月 前

    I love u

  26. Amy Mirah

    Amy Mirah

    个月 前

    this is for when romeo and juliet sneak out to the disco :D

  27. Risty N

    Risty N

    个月 前


  28. Assia Delli

    Assia Delli

    个月 前

    dm7Ofuu t

  29. Home Home

    Home Home

    个月 前

    I didn’t even notice this was Taylor Swift’s actual account

  30. Legendary Guy

    Legendary Guy

    个月 前

    No twerking , only JAMMING-

  31. Juan Diego Barahona

    Juan Diego Barahona

    个月 前

    *juliet twearking*

  32. Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine

    个月 前

    No, this sounds really awful, the only remix that has gone well was Ariana's and the weekend tbh. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  33. K-pop with Lax :)

    K-pop with Lax :)

    个月 前

    Who the f******g people r who unlike this song!!! 👀 How can anyone unlike it !! 👀

  34. Ryan Sangrey

    Ryan Sangrey

    个月 前

    when the “marry me Juliet” key change drops...

  35. Prachi M.

    Prachi M.

    个月 前

    This is EVERYTHING omg

  36. Ivo


    个月 前

    no one: the video: you prince me princess

  37. Shadi Tahmasebi

    Shadi Tahmasebi

    个月 前

    Thinking of the kids that had those pics with Taylor and still being a fan of her and screaming"I'M ON TAYLOR'S MUSIC VIDEO"

    • pes etme lüksü yok ki

      pes etme lüksü yok ki

      个月 前

      =) YEPP



    个月 前

    Taylor you did plastic surgery you changed so much this is your old pictures right you are still my number 1 love you



    个月 前

    Waiting for all the other albums of Taylor swift’S version too

  40. Just Aabha

    Just Aabha

    个月 前

    Why on earth is everyone twerking-

  41. Nishat Tasnim

    Nishat Tasnim

    个月 前

    Twerking 😄

  42. Adhrit c gaming

    Adhrit c gaming

    个月 前

    This is wonderful

  43. Luanna Areli

    Luanna Areli

    个月 前


  44. viizii


    个月 前

    my ears are twerking

  45. Genelia Suganthi

    Genelia Suganthi

    个月 前

    Oh my Goodness I got BTS ad in Swift's video huh....

    • Stan Kpop

      Stan Kpop

      个月 前


  46. porrrnesian parrrapio

    porrrnesian parrrapio

    个月 前

    when you just bought the cd in palengke

  47. Hasanul Amin

    Hasanul Amin

    个月 前

    Hai gewe saya

    • Hasanul Iman

      Hasanul Iman

      29 天 前


  48. Dcup Milk Tea

    Dcup Milk Tea

    个月 前

    *nostalgia twerking*

  49. Kiosfriend


    个月 前

    I'm just sitting here confused. Is this actually Cassandra? I don't think remixing is really a thing she does. But if it's not her..who's trying to use her name for clout?

  50. Mery Gomez Burgos

    Mery Gomez Burgos

    个月 前

    This is very awesome brilliant fantastic beautiful wonderful 😊

  51. Mt Apo Viners

    Mt Apo Viners

    个月 前

    Ito Yung song na Hindi mawawala SA musical industry

  52. Swift Shots

    Swift Shots

    个月 前

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡ Hey Swifties! Please please please check out my Romeo version of this song. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  53. Swift Shots

    Swift Shots

    个月 前

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡ Hey Swifties! Please please please check out my Romeo version of this song. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  54. Swift Shots

    Swift Shots

    个月 前

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡ Hey Swifties! Please please please check out my Romeo version of this song. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  55. Swift Shots

    Swift Shots

    个月 前

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡ Hey Swifties! Please please please check out my Romeo version of this song. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

  56. flowerrpvff


    个月 前

    twerking cuz everyones twerking-

  57. Azo Chüsi

    Azo Chüsi

    个月 前

    11 years, and this song is still a hit 😌

  58. Rimjhim Singh

    Rimjhim Singh

    个月 前

    can we get Taylor to make a gay version of love story

  59. Dr.Victor Von DOOM!

    Dr.Victor Von DOOM!

    个月 前

    Taylor makes my favourite song and remixes ..💕

  60. KloutlessKiddo


    个月 前

    so can somebody count all the twerking comments because I can't be bothered to

  61. Lacy Joy

    Lacy Joy

    2 个月 前

    All this just sound thrown together

  62. Amin Zahari

    Amin Zahari

    2 个月 前

    In need of Love Story 1989 world tour version with iconic echo from Tay’s backup singer

  63. Ercie Mapoy

    Ercie Mapoy

    2 个月 前

    slowly twerking*

  64. Little Convos

    Little Convos

    2 个月 前

    Who is this elvira...OMG i love her 😭😭😭

  65. Abel Martínez Mujica

    Abel Martínez Mujica

    2 个月 前

    DJ Tay Sway

  66. Ivy Torio

    Ivy Torio

    2 个月 前

    Str3am love story elvira remix

  67. Ivy Torio

    Ivy Torio

    2 个月 前

    Str3am love story taylor's version

  68. Ivy Torio

    Ivy Torio

    2 个月 前

    Str3am bonus track

  69. Bhong Torio

    Bhong Torio

    2 个月 前

    Str3am love story elvira remix taylor's version

  70. Bhong Torio

    Bhong Torio

    2 个月 前

    Str3am bonus track

  71. semds


    2 个月 前


  72. not broken just broke college student

    not broken just broke college student

    2 个月 前

    🥺 help me pay my tuition by listening to my cover of Love Story (Taylor’s Version) i created this youtube channel for the hopes of earning from this platform since i couldn't pay my tuition anymore :( i'm already in my senior year (yep 1 year to go) till i graduate ☹️

  73. Jon de la Torre

    Jon de la Torre

    2 个月 前

    Me encanta, es como una versión de los actuales álbumes 🤩

  74. Andrea Eugenio

    Andrea Eugenio

    2 个月 前

    imagine being one of the people in the photos of this video again read the first word

  75. Lara Brill Estrella

    Lara Brill Estrella

    2 个月 前

    Damn my this has been my hopeless romantic heart’s anthem throughout the years😭💖💜

  76. theyluvvsam


    2 个月 前

    🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️ sensational queen 👑!!

  77. Ploychompoo Inthajak

    Ploychompoo Inthajak

    2 个月 前

    The remix version is so levitating!

  78. Melek


    2 个月 前

    It's very beautiful...

  79. Royal Shuvro

    Royal Shuvro

    2 个月 前


  80. donna easty

    donna easty

    2 个月 前

    True story, Taylor was 15 when her parents refused to let her go on a date. Taylor rushed to her room and wrote ''Love Story'' that night.

  81. Van Flor

    Van Flor

    2 个月 前

    Love it 💗💗💗

  82. Caitlyn Cook

    Caitlyn Cook

    2 个月 前

    If this isn’t played at my wedding I’m not getting married

  83. Camille Rivera

    Camille Rivera

    2 个月 前

    Will she make a new rendition of her other songs??? ❤❤❤ or just this album?

  84. galang geleng

    galang geleng

    2 个月 前

    Titip rindu untuk mamah galang *AINI ALFIYAH* dari ayah galang _14 04 2021_

  85. miara barretto

    miara barretto

    2 个月 前

    this love story remix of taylor is such an most legendary rerecord ever 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 you are the best female artist of all the time Taylor Swift 💛😍😍😍😍

  86. abbie miller

    abbie miller

    2 个月 前

    this is gonna end up on tiktok mark my words

  87. Binod Pandy

    Binod Pandy

    2 个月 前

    What is with twerking why is everyone commenting that ....

  88. Niks


    2 个月 前


  89. Niks


    2 个月 前


  90. Polo Jacobo Leyva

    Polo Jacobo Leyva

    2 个月 前

    Hl yotfciitfhfz74rugbdtdzfjir4w74sfuz744tiddtir7

  91. Abigayle Hodges

    Abigayle Hodges

    2 个月 前

    I got an ad with Taylor in it...how?!?!

  92. Kristyn Weaver

    Kristyn Weaver

    2 个月 前

    Listened to the original in my childhood bedroom, wondering who I’d marry one day. Listened to this version in my house that I just bought with the person I’ll marry and my two dogs next to me. If only younger me could see how beautiful life turns out 💕

    • Kristyn Weaver

      Kristyn Weaver

      个月 前

      @dev placino Awe, thank you so much! 💕

    • dev placino

      dev placino

      个月 前

      Aweeeee! My heart is so happy for you bestie!!

  93. Scott Steve

    Scott Steve

    2 个月 前


  94. Scott Steve

    Scott Steve

    2 个月 前


  95. Shiena May Antonette “SHENG” Boñales

    Shiena May Antonette “SHENG” Boñales

    2 个月 前

    Gen Z Shakespeare is waving. 👋❤️❤️❤️

  96. jo_b


    2 个月 前


  97. Amy Mirah

    Amy Mirah

    2 个月 前

    Love story gen z remixedddd. im just as obsessed with the orginal of 2008 :)))))))))))))))

  98. Sanya Walia

    Sanya Walia

    2 个月 前

    omg i canttttt take this!!! she is such a sweetheart 🥺 Thank you a bunch Taylor! ❤️❤️

  99. Yasmin Ifanger

    Yasmin Ifanger

    2 个月 前

    Eu não sabia que tinha como essa música ficar ainda melhor!!!!!

  100. akira suzuki

    akira suzuki

    2 个月 前

    This was the first song I heard by Taylor Swift, I fell in love with her songs :)