Taylor Swift - Tell Me Why (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for “Tell Me Why” (Taylor’s Version) - off her Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album. Get the album here: taylor.lnk.to/fearlesstaylors... .

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Official Lyrics:

I took a chance, I took a shot
And you might think I’m bulletproof, but I’m not
You took a swing, I took it hard
And down here from the ground I see who you are

I’m sick and tired of your attitude
I’m feeling like I don’t know you
You tell me that you love me then cut me down
And I need you like a heartbeat
But you know you got a mean streak
Makes me run for cover when you’re around
Here’s to you and your temper
Yes, I remember what you said last night
I know that you see what you’re doing to me
Tell me why

Well you could write a book on how to ruin someone’s perfect day
Well I get so confused and frustrated
Forget what I’m trying to say, oh

I’m sick and tired of your reasons
I got no one to believe in
You tell me that you want me, then push me around
And I need you like a heartbeat
But you know you got a mean streak
Makes me run for cover when you’re around
Here’s to you and your temper
Yes, I remember what you said last night
And I know that you see what you’re doing to me
Tell me why

Why…do you have to make me feel small
So you can feel whole inside?
Why…do you have to put down my dreams
So you’re the only thing on my mind?

Well, I’m sick and tired of your attitude
Feeling like I don’t know you
You tell me that you want me then cut me down
I’m sick and tired of your reasons
I’ve got no one to believe in
You ask me for my love then you push me around
Here’s to you and your temper
Yes, I remember what you said last night
And I know that you see what you’re doing to me
Tell me why
Why, tell me why, oh

I take a step back, let you go
I told you I’m not bulletproof
Now you know


  1. Shania Bulaclac

    Shania Bulaclac

    45 分钟 前

    My highschool self is coming back from the grave 😭

  2. ליה שפרנסקי

    ליה שפרנסקי

    天 前


  3. H.R.


    3 天 前

    underrated but a perfect song.

  4. Melika Evens

    Melika Evens

    4 天 前

    Perfect , magical awsome This is how music industry does things

  5. Rizwan Kausar

    Rizwan Kausar

    4 天 前

    Taylor is so amazing she has a beautiful voice number 1 fan

  6. A E

    A E

    11 天 前

    LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH MUCH MUCH😭😭😭😭😭 i always bet "this song is my favorite song" but when i hear another TS' song i feel like i loved another one. Hahaha and its happened now. LITERALLY I LOVE ALMOST ALL OF THE TS SONG SO MUCH😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 But this song, sparks fly and forever always are most of my fav

  7. Sudhir Deb

    Sudhir Deb

    12 天 前

    It's so soothing....I can tell it's her from a distance from the start till the end it's her...her music has that thing...❤❤😊😊

  8. speak now

    speak now

    13 天 前


  9. Nicholas Swift

    Nicholas Swift

    13 天 前

    Tell Me Why

  10. Fox Keeper

    Fox Keeper

    14 天 前

    Who else is watching this in June?

  11. Sandhya Thakur

    Sandhya Thakur

    16 天 前

    I heard perfect song thanks Taylor Swift ⭐ 🌼🕊️

  12. Tejas Shinde (TS)

    Tejas Shinde (TS)

    17 天 前


  13. Nyx


    19 天 前

    "Now, number 5"

  14. Jéssica Rodrigues Silva

    Jéssica Rodrigues Silva

    19 天 前

    Jesus, I just can't stop listening to this masterpiece. THANK YOU TAYLOR

  15. Joshua Vanzant

    Joshua Vanzant

    19 天 前

    If you want to know why hmu

  16. soup sauce

    soup sauce

    20 天 前

    peak shit

  17. 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓Büşra16


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  18. Lee Swift

    Lee Swift

    25 天 前

    Now u know 😉

  19. Robert Elder

    Robert Elder

    25 天 前

    Love this.

  20. Red Future

    Red Future

    25 天 前

    Because you were still talking to that piece of shit. I got angry. I'm sorry about it All. My beautiful queen.

  21. augustine’s wine

    augustine’s wine

    25 天 前

    now you know ~ is getting used by taylor in her recent posts. i feel like something is coming. 💀 wildest dreams tv 🥳

  22. Plamen Stoilov

    Plamen Stoilov

    26 天 前


  23. Abhay Shenoy

    Abhay Shenoy

    26 天 前

    Who is here after figuring out Taylor's ig story "now u know" thing?

  24. Fairytale Wizard

    Fairytale Wizard

    26 天 前

    Was never false huny lvin u was for real ..but you gotta life to live ..just no lovin u was magic ..x

  25. Onteddu Srilekha

    Onteddu Srilekha

    26 天 前

    Initially I didn't understand why these songs had different instrumental music because we usually don't hear this kind of music now a days. Now I know why these songs have those old vibes. I have never seen an artist fighting to get credits for her own songs🤧🤧

  26. Milagros Seiler Taylor's Version

    Milagros Seiler Taylor's Version

    27 天 前

    No emojis Se considera spaw

  27. Keeshia Acedera

    Keeshia Acedera

    29 天 前

    This song helps me get out of a very toxic relationship in the past. As I listen to this new version, I can still feel the relief and comfort it gives me before. The pain and heartache was already gone

  28. Anjali Barmola

    Anjali Barmola

    个月 前

    This feeling 🍂😕

  29. Elijah Andrin

    Elijah Andrin

    个月 前

    Why do I see a scene, where someone's singing the "Here's to you and your temper" as they raise their middle finger?

  30. Fireballmatt 13

    Fireballmatt 13

    个月 前

    2:19 is the best lyric of the entire song!!! I scream it (Mostly at my sister) when it is played.

  31. Tanguy Dubos

    Tanguy Dubos

    个月 前

    Would someone know why the voice gets pitched at 0:33 when she says 'down'?

  32. Muhammad Fathurrahman

    Muhammad Fathurrahman

    个月 前

    Fearless. Speak now like a red. Lover from your reputation. ☺

  33. i am toxic

    i am toxic

    个月 前

    To my ex lol

  34. Jalynne Ovalles-Cardany

    Jalynne Ovalles-Cardany

    个月 前

    This was my favorite t swift song when I was like 10 and I used to listen to it everyday on my iPod nano and I still remember all the words



    个月 前


  36. Marie-Jade Dupont

    Marie-Jade Dupont

    个月 前

    A big thank you Taylor!😍 Someone has been a little mean to me on the internet and it bothered me because people are so mean for absolutely nothing!😡 And to make me bether, I listened to this song. Just thank you for helping me with your songs when I need it😘

  37. kayla wilkinson

    kayla wilkinson

    个月 前

    Her old music will always have a place in my heart no matter how long it’s been. Grew up listening to this from an extremely young age. I’m now 20

  38. Ligia Borges

    Ligia Borges

    个月 前

    Ficou melhor que a original

  39. Elijah Andrin

    Elijah Andrin

    个月 前

    That "Here's to you and your temper"

  40. Jobert John Escolano

    Jobert John Escolano

    个月 前

    The "heart beat"

  41. Taylison Swift

    Taylison Swift

    个月 前

    *fearlessly twerking*

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    Azyz 1998

    个月 前

    I love u taylor ❤️

  44. Elicia Garcia

    Elicia Garcia

    个月 前

    I love EVERY Taylor Swift song but early Taylor Swift is SO innocent and pure. It reminds me of when I was a preteen and saw the world through a lens of pure innocence. I think the reason I listen to her music is because it reminds me of my true self and helps me forget that the world is a little screwed up.

  45. semds


    个月 前

  46. creamsoda


    个月 前

    *twerks in early 2000s*

  47. creamsoda


    个月 前

    you know your old when you got a froggy iPod from 2009 with Taylor’s first two albums on there.

  48. Aubrey Salmon

    Aubrey Salmon

    个月 前

    Why when she post an album I got through what she sings about? 😂

  49. P.S. Luitel

    P.S. Luitel

    个月 前

    Where was this song when I needed it??😭😭🤧

  50. Nicholas Swift

    Nicholas Swift

    个月 前

    Road to 1 Million

  51. Kim M

    Kim M

    个月 前




    个月 前

    I love you Taylor ❤️❤️❤️❤️ no one can take this honour from you that you are the best singer in this whole earth ❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love you from my whole heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. CV Kay

    CV Kay

    个月 前

    Okay I'll tell you why, why only the young can run. They have you to look up to and help guide them. I cry sometimes from greatful ness that you still shape and change this world for the better non stop. What a woman in powering movement along with many other skills your artistry has been and is. We all thank you, even the negative ones do im sure.🦁

  54. Jayda S

    Jayda S

    个月 前

    This whole re recorded album is a master piece

  55. DH Schumann

    DH Schumann

    个月 前

    Do you think TSwift had to deal with jealous entities in her storied life? Like, she has an arsenal for dealing with them. Women like hunting witches too, heh.

  56. Jetta Travers

    Jetta Travers

    个月 前

    I related to this soooo much when i was seven 🤧

  57. Izra


    个月 前

    Am glad you exist ❤️ wish you a happy life filled w love and happiness sis ❤️🥺

  58. Novi Nur C

    Novi Nur C

    个月 前

    all of taylor's songs was masterpiece. and i think that her song was really match for my relationship :)

  59. Elsya Yon

    Elsya Yon

    个月 前

    Taylor swift back to country with old song 😍 LOVE !!

  60. Bella Poarch

    Bella Poarch

    个月 前


  61. The beast Gaming

    The beast Gaming

    个月 前

    Who else want to see her with 100 million subscribers

  62. Red Future

    Red Future

    个月 前

    Why I only been with one woman, and she?

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    Olivia Rodriga

    个月 前

    2010’s swifties get to relive this moment 🥺😭

  65. Eu


    个月 前


  66. Yukio's Music

    Yukio's Music

    个月 前

    I actually like this version a little better than the first version. I like how she put more power into the word "love" at 2:34.

  67. 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓Büşra16


    个月 前

    1-WİLLOW=90M 2-CARDİGAN=100M 3-THE MAN=70M 4-LOVER=170M 5-YNTCD=260M 6-ME!=370M WE CAN DO THİS !!!

  68. Juan Guillermo Collante

    Juan Guillermo Collante

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    Prarthana Priyadarshini

    个月 前

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  71. Rek0n _420

    Rek0n _420

    个月 前

    This song just gets me excited with powerful lyrics. Mad underrated song hands down my favorite one so far

  72. Josefina Consani

    Josefina Consani

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  73. Josefina Consani

    Josefina Consani

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  74. Josefina Consani

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    Josefina Consani

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  77. Josefina Consani

    Josefina Consani

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    Josefina Consani

    个月 前

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    Josefina Consani

    个月 前

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    Josefina Consani

    个月 前

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  81. Josefina Consani

    Josefina Consani

    个月 前

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    Josefina Consani

    个月 前

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    Josefina Consani

    个月 前

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  84. Luanna Areli

    Luanna Areli

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  85. Choice


    个月 前

    maybe a day I found a blonde girl and that is not your business

  86. P N

    P N

    个月 前


  87. paramita wulandari

    paramita wulandari

    个月 前

    Wow nostalgic song. This song can bring me back to 2009. I really miss that time.

  88. kajal thapa

    kajal thapa

    个月 前

    I'm slap 👋you 😂come on to me 🤣now I'm bts 💜idol hahaha😂🤣😹

  89. Jonny Vlogs

    Jonny Vlogs

    个月 前

    Best song in the album

  90. Kristina Kostadinovic

    Kristina Kostadinovic

    个月 前

    FELLOW SWIFTIES remember do NOT stream the original album anymore. We stream what she owns. Show your loyalty. This woman saved some of our lives. Let's save her masters

  91. Joy Hopkirk

    Joy Hopkirk

    个月 前

    One of the most underrated songs of her entire discography 😭

  92. Leila Mohamadi

    Leila Mohamadi

    个月 前

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    NormanJ Gomez

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    个月 前

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  95. Joneisbert Carvajal

    Joneisbert Carvajal

    个月 前

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    Sarah Cruz

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  97. ايميلي الوردية اللامعة💗

    ايميلي الوردية اللامعة💗

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  98. Nur Ergün

    Nur Ergün

    个月 前

    Tell me why is 8th song of the album Heartbeats refer to wildest dreams as we know Wildest dreams is 9th song of 1989 album So->89 will be next album to get realesed!

  99. Taylor Swift Home

    Taylor Swift Home

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  100. Drion Aer

    Drion Aer

    个月 前

    This song sort of grew on me and now it’s my favorite. ❤️